Color Therapy


Today being healthy is not only about being physically fit. But now it’s the matter of staying physically, mentally fit and also keeping yourself full of energy.Energy is one of the most important aspects in life because it’s all energy due to which we do our work in everyday life. Due to being full of energy kids go to school, play outside and spend their everyday life.Due to energy man go to office and work hard to fulfill their family needs.  And the most important, mothers do their household chores every day without even taking rest. This is all because of energy we have. But, today being in stress and tension all the time. The energy of the people reduces due to which they face problems in doing their everyday works. Now the question is How to gain that energy? So, here is one way that will help you to gain your lost energy?

Color Therapy is mainly termed as chromo therapy is an alternate medicine method. The person who practices the chromotherapy is called chromo therapist, they uses light of various colors to balance all the energies present in the body to improve health and wellbeing. The lights used in this therapy is of each spectrum of colors of rainbow (i.e. red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet) as of each and every color light has its own wavelength. Each wavelength affects our body in a different way. Energy in every chakra of our body should be balanced so one can live healthy and good life. Here are the location of different chakras in our body with the color to know more about the therapy.


Avicenna (980-1037) observed that color plays an important role in treatment. He also wrote about it, The Canon of Medicine, that color is an observable symptom of disease. He also showed relation of the colors with the temperature and physical condition of the body. He told that red color moved the blood, blue or white cooled the blood also that yellow helped in muscular pain.

Also in 1933, an Indian born American scientist, Dinshah P. Ghadiali (1873–1966),  in The Spectro Chromemetry Encyclopaedia claimed that he discovered how the different colored rays affect the organisms life. He also thought, if we can know the effects of different colors on different body parts, we can apply the right color on the right body part to balance the energy of the organ that has become abnormal in its functioning.


  • First of all, its pain free. So, it can be used on everyone even on kids and elderly people also.

  • Balances all the chakras of the body

  • Has positives effects physically, mentally and spiritually also.

Chakra Location Color oriented Functionality
One Base of spine Red Grounding and Survival
Two Lower abdomen and reproductive organs Orange Sexuality and emotions
Three Solar Plexus Yellow Ego and Power
Four Heart Green Love and responsibility
Five Throat Blue Physical and spiritual communication
Six Centre of the eyebrow Indigo Understanding, understanding
Seven Crown of head Violet Ideas of information